Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

It has been four months since I have posted.  I have not been writing much but getting back in the swing.  I did write some blues lyrics that now have been given music, but since I have a collaborator (thank you John Barron) I better check before I put it out there.  I have to say that was a very cool experience, and I am motivated to write more.

But here is the current draft of a poem I have been working on a couple of days.  For lack of a better title at the moment I am calling it Screen Saver since that was the impetus for what followed:

Screen Saver

I can’t quite sleep.
Still awake with some disquiet,  
a search for words begins
when my gaze lands upon the screen:
rectangles, splayed
and overlaid,
the pictures of my life;
fossil fragments
of the years
but in no order
of meaning or time,
random, without story line.

But mind and ego wish it so
to tell the tale of who we are
and so collect the snapshots.
As if, like scattered breadcrumbs,
they could lead us
home again
to that beyond reach,
all that came before,
and in that shuttered moment
relive again. 
Toss death and loss into a void
and Then, etched always in the Now, remains.

Yet all things arise
then fall away.
The succor and curse
of memory hold sway
in the here and now, and what’s to come.
I stand upon a swinging bridge
and peering in between the slats
into that space, the future,
where there is both abyss and wish
and always pause,
hopeful of what might be next
and afraid of falling through.