Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My daily direction...

Well, I must say I felt a bit liberated yesterday, and those of  you reading and commenting, I appreciate your thoughts.  I had one of those days where I felt very centered in doing therapy, and joyful in dance class, and grateful all around.  So today I will share the whole enchilada from beginning to end, the entirety of my morning recitation and reflection, which I call my Boddhisatva Prayer, although I am not addressing a deity, just my higher self.   As I said, it is deeply personal and parts of it may only make sense to me, but comments and questions are welcome.

Another sunrise!  I thank the Universe for another chance to dance --  along the Middle Way.

I dwell in well-being.  I abide in abundance.

Meditation connects me to the ground of Being, and nourishes my soul.

Mindfulness is my way of being in the world.

Intuition guides me.

I move through the hours enlivened by Spirit, intent upon my purpose, and expressing the evolutionary impulse, with integrity and loving-kindness.

I manifest my desires and intentions, and surrounded by synchronicity, I draw towards me those people and circumstances aligned with that fulfillment.

I am the voice to my personal truths, and I speak with clarity, confidence, conviction and courage.  I trust myself and my boundaries.

Through the creative written word I provide for others an experience of pleasure and beauty, and a meaning which reminds of essence and connection.

I recognize and utilize the many aspects of energy so that in thought, word and deed, I follow the highest impulse, toward the greatest good.

I am present and compassionate with all those with whom I come into contact.

I ease suffering and promote enlightenment through the precepts of Buddhism and the skills of my trade.

Through me flows a source of healing, hope and light.

I am eternally joyful and grateful.

I am a Boddhisatva.

   May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled.

   May they be protected from harm and free from fear.

   May they be awakened, liberated and free.

   May there be peace on this earth, and throughout the entire universe.

Of course, the "I" statements reflect my best self, and the self that shows up on any given day will fall short, often painfully so.  I constantly trip over my selfishness, my hedonism, my attachments and aversions, my fears and insecurities.

But these words are one way of expressing the current culmination of several years of an arc of personal growth and spiritual exploration, a  journey which has been unsettling, surprising, amazing and liberating.

I want to stay on this path, awake and aware.  I want to feel eternity in being completely alive to the present moment.  I want to remind myself, always, that we are all connected and never alone.  I want to challenge my preconceptions, see beyond appearances, and grow in wisdom and serenity.  I want to be my better self, for those I love, for those I impact, and for the good of the world.

These are the seeds I wish to water.  

                                                      Although sometimes I choose tequila...

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