Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just 10 minutes...

May 31, 2012


When I created this blog, I had a number of reasons for doing so.  One was simply a desire to express myself.  One was to have a way to put poetry and prose out there so that it might have a positive impact on others, providing amusement, or pleasure, or perhaps a moment of connection to something important.

But another of the reasons I created this blog was to provide myself a structure and a forum for the discipline of writing.  To practice, daily, whenever possible.  (And it is always possible if I am honest with myself, just like with meditating--you make something a priority for 10 minutes, or you don't).

So when I feel inspired, or have a poem or prose I have been working on to share, it is easy.  On a day like today, with a lot of patients to see and no immediate Muse on my shoulder or emotion to share, it is more difficult.

Therefore, I will end today's entry with this thought:

What is the thing that your heart, your spirit, your inner wisdom is telling you that YOU should spend 10 minutes on today?  And maybe every day?

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