Monday, May 21, 2012

Opening up...

No postings over the past weekend, which was marked by debauchery including crawfish, Rock Band and a little too much wine.

This morning I sat down to meditate, and begin as I most always do, speaking aloud a prayer of sorts, really a sort of personal intention and mission statement, reminding me of who I am, how I am connected, and how I wish to live my life.  It is so deeply personal I can not quite share it here, which leads me to my thoughts for today.

We all have an interior life largely unknown to others.  For some of us, it is barely known to ourselves.

That is part of the work of psychotherapy, finding the parts of that interior life that are getting in the way and transforming them, calling forth the internal monologue and beliefs about ourselves and the world which make us reactive, inauthentic, feeling "different than," and sad and scared and alone.

The irony, and part of the healing of course, is finding out that we are really all the same, we all share this part of the human experience.  For even though our particular pains and joys are unique, we all carry around fear, insecurity, longing, attachments and aversions.

And so too we each carry in us the seeds to transform.  We have a knowing of who we are and what we are here to do if we can water the seeds.  Psychotherapy can help there too.  And so does meditation and spiritual practice.

So why am I shy to share here in words this statement of who I am?  If I am trying to live it I should be able to state it.  Silly.  The only way out is through.

I will start with the first few lines:

Another sunrise!  I thank the Universe for another chance to dance --  along the Middle Way.

I dwell in well-being.  I abide in abundance.

I move through the hours enlivened by Spirit, intent upon my purpose, and expressing the evolutionary impulse with integrity and loving-kindness.

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