Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why I Meditate

Why I Meditate

            with a bow to Allen Ginsberg

I sit because my Soul wants me to remember
I sit because my Muse wants me to imagine
I sit because baby girls get clitorectomies
I sit because then I can feel what came before my ego
I sit because I drink too much
I sit because it is easier than standing up
I sit to honor the source of being
I sit so that others will learn the power of mindfulness
I sit because I am aimless and distracted if I don’t
I sit because of genocide, hatred, oppression, confusion and fear
I sit because I need connection to All
I sit to experience silence, emptiness and spaciousness
I sit because it quells the white hot fear in the middle of the night
I sit because I am too old for cocaine, mushrooms and LSD
I sit to breathe in the pain and suffering of all, and to breathe out well-being and love
I sit for the spider, the snail, the cactus, the lotus, the dolphin, the dog
I sit for the transformation of the consciousness of the world

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