Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I Meditate -- revised

June 6, 2012    Why I Meditate -- revised

I like this one better (than the one from May 26).  What do you think?  And lest someone think I plagiarize, the bow to Allen Ginsberg is because he has a poem by the same name, he listing his reasons he meditates, and it spurred me to reflect on my own.

Why I Meditate

            with a bow to Allen Ginsberg

I sit because my Soul wants me to remember

I sit, that my Muse may whisper in the silence

I sit because baby girls get clitorectomies

I sit in order to feel what came before ego

I sit because I drink too much

I sit to honor the Source of Being

I sit, for then I feel connection to All

I sit because I am aimless and distracted if I don’t

I sit so that others will learn the power of mindfulness

I sit; it is easier than standing up

I sit because of genocide, hatred and fear

I sit to experience peace and spaciousness

I sit, and am more alive in the present

I sit to prepare for the moment of death

I sit to breathe in suffering, and to breathe out well-being

I sit because I am too old for mushrooms and LSD

I sit for the spider, the snail, the cactus

I sit for the lotus, the dolphin, the dog

I sit to transform the consciousness of the world

I sit, that I might touch the stars

                                                                                    Katherine Hamilton
                                                                                    rev. 6/5/12

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