Friday, June 1, 2012

Ah, June!

Ah June!

For me, summer begins on June 1.

And even though we get the infamous "June Gloom" here in our coastal community, more often that not it will burn off by midday to a gorgeous blue sky and a  warming on the skin, if I can manage to get outside on a week-day.

If nothing else, even when I work late, the longer daylight usually affords me the opportunity to sit outside in the waning light for a short while, winding down, enjoying the flowers, watching the hummingbirds, watching our bassett Daisy running madly in and out (her "I am so glad your are home!" greeting), sipping on a nicely chilled white wine.

Then I kick up my feet, eyes closed, listening now to the hummingbirds unique chittering sound, my chakra wind chimes, the sounds and scents of others in their back yards wafting through the neighborhood, a child's laughter, a smoky barbecue.

It is delightful, and in this my 55th June, I hope to be mindful in each moment of my day, whatever each day may bring, and enjoy the pleasures of the month with those I love.

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