Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Just a quick post as the strains of The Mamas and The Papas float through my head.  Just like the lyrics of the song, I think many of us have an ambivalent reaction to this day of the week.  Are we energized and purposeful for the coming week?  If so, then "Cool, it's  Monday!"  Was the weekend not long enough for us, and are we ignoring the fact that we are in a rut of some kind, or dreading the coming week?  Then it's "Crap, it's Monday."

I rather like Mondays though.  Usually.  Sometimes I feel a little tired as I look at a very full schedule of clients for the coming week, or if I am feeling rueful about that report I really should have sat down to do on Sunday.  But  I start and end Monday at the gym, in the morning with  rigorous weight training, which makes me feel healthy and strong,  and then with dancing in the evening, which makes me exuberant and joyful.  What's not to like about those feelings?

So to all my friends, I wish for you on this day the energy and capacity to open wide to all you desire for the coming week.  Shape it to your liking where you can, choose a helpful attitude when you can't, pay it forward to a stranger, spend time with someone you love,  and embrace the present moment.


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